What is an e-cigarette ?
Ego-C electronic cigarette is a new alternative to customary cigarettes. Basically it heats liquid containing nicotine and turns it in to vapor. You get the same sensation as if you were smoking a regular cigarette minus the tar, ask, odor and 5300 other cemicals.
A typical electronic cigarette consists of three parts a battery, atomizer and cartridge. The battery is rechargeable Li-ion cell, with some electronics wrapped with it to control the recharge and discharge.
The atomizer is a small coil of nichrome cord that heats the liquid and vaporizes it. A basic explanation of how it works is that it is a combination of a toaster and a kettle: the heater coil is exactly the same as that in a toaster but on a smaller scale; and in use it works like a kettle, as the coil heats up while immersed in a liquid bath. The result looks like steam but is well below the temperature needed for that, as it utilizes the same ingredient used in disco fog machines to create visible vapor – it is mainly water vapor but at far lower temperature than steam.
The cartridge contains the refill liquid, which is held in a sponge and gravity-feeds it to the heater element.

What is in the liquid ?
There are usually less than 10 ingredients in the liquid refill or e-liquid as it is often termed, and this compares favorably with the 5,300-plus identified in the latest research on cigarette smoke. The vapor is mainly water vapor, plus flavoring, the visibility component, and nicotine. There are various recipes for liquid that are proprietary to each manufacturer, some are marketed as of the simplest possible make up, some for their exotic flavors. The liquid normally contains PG [1] and/or VG [2], plus flavorings such as coffee or chocolate. Once users’ sense of taste has returned, they tend to prefer sweet flavors over tobacco, though a combination of the two is popular.
There is no side stream smoke from an e-cigarette, only what is exhaled by the user, which is mostly water vapors since the majority of the other materials have been absorbed.
Some owners (about 7% according to polls) use zero-nicotine liquid, that is, refill liquid with flavoring but no nicotine.

What are the health issues ?
Death and disease associated with smoking are caused by the smoke and products of combustion. If the smoke and combustion products such as carbon monoxide are removed, risk is considerably reduced, probably by more than 99%. Nicotine is not an overly harmful material, it is similar to caffeine/coffee in
many ways. It cannot cause cancer or any of the other diseases caused by smoking, as it is the smoke that does this. It is impossible for e-cigarettes to cause lung cancer.
People who say that nicotine is a dangerous, toxic chemical presumably know little or nothing about nutrition, nicotine is part of the diet; everyone everywhere tests positive for it, and one of its metabolites is a vitamin (niacin or Vitamin B3). Like similar materials it is normally only present in minutequantities. With the smoke removed, a user’s risk drops by several orders of magnitude. E-cigarettes are extremely unlikely to cause cancer, heart disease, arterial disease, or COPD as there is nothing in the vapor that can cause this. There is no smoke. This is why all the extensive research on e-cigarettes, and all the senior medical figures who have carried out this research or inspected it and commented on it, reinforce the fact that e-cigarettes are far safer than tobacco cigarettes, and that they should be introduced as swiftly as possible as an alternative to smoking, since hundreds of thousands of lives will be
saved if this is done.There is a long list of senior medical figures such as professors in charge of
public health departments in hospitals, doctors who are clinical researchers, and organizations such as the AAPHP, the American Association of Public Health Physicians, and the ACSH, the American Council for Science and Health, who have examined the evidence and pronounced e-cigarettes as safe for use as an alternative smoking method with the object of saving lives.
It is important to note that a great deal of research has been carried out on e-cigarettes. As an example, we know much more about what is in them than we do about what is in tobacco cigarettes. Any statements that contradict this are untrue, and most likely some form of propaganda. E-cigs have been used by millions of people, globally, for many years – and there are no incidents of mortality that can be directly linked to e-cigarette use. As yet there is no long-term population data but this will not be available for another two decades. It should also be carefully noted that even when this is available, as is the case for Snus – which are proven safe by two and a half decades of research and the near-200 clinical trials and surveys that say so, and by the simple fact that Sweden reduced their smoking-related death rate by 40% – it will not stop the opposition to and lies about the products, as some powerful interests will lose a great deal of money if electronic cigarettes become widely available. It is certainly true that some users will be intolerant to some ingredients. The effects of such intolerance can be reduced or eliminated by changing to a different brand of e-liquid with a different ingredient profile. There is such a
wide range of base materials and flavors available that it is impossible for all users to be completely tolerant to all materials.

What is the legal situation ?
Electronic cigarettes are legal to import, own and use in the UK, US, and most European countries. There
had been opposition to them by individual government agencies in both the UK and US, but these objections were quashed by the courts (in the US) and higher government (in the UK). It was claimed that “there was little research”, or “we don’t know what’s in them”, or “we don’t know much about them” – but since such statements are outright lies, and since there was a long list of professors, doctors and epidemiologists who could refute those statements, and due to the fact that after extensive use by millions of people there has been no report of harm, the actions to ban e-cigarettes were overturned. In fact e-cigarettes can now be shown to be thousands of times safer than quit-smoking drugs such as
Chantix. After many years of use by millions of people all around the world, there is not one single incident of death or disease linked to e-cigarette use. provides the best e-cig on the market, second to none. have a 30 days money back guarantee, If you do not want your buy simply send it back in original packing and we will give you a full refund minus shipping.

2 x rechargeable batteries
2 x EGO-C bodies (base & cover)
5 x EGO-C atomizers
5 x EGO-C empty cartridges
1 x USB charge cable
Other included items within the starter kit can vary please see website for
current offers which will include an updated contents list

Charging your EGO-C electronic starter kit
Plug your USB charge cable that was included with your kit into an available
USB slot which can be found on most electronic devices for example PC, MAC,
Games console, Laptop or a wall charger (available from Once
plugged in the LED on the charge cable will turn green, Screw your 650mah
EGO battery into the charging unit and the LED will turn red to indicate that a
charge is needed, once the battery has reached full charge the LED will turn
back to green to indicate that it is now fully charged and ready for use.

Assembling the EGO-C atomiser
When shipped two of the EGO-C atomiser’s that come with your kit will be
already assembled inside the EGO-C bodies (base and cover). When you need
to replace an atomiser ensure there is no tank cartridge installed then unscrew
the base from the body, remove the used atomiser and replace with a new one
then screw the base back onto the body.
Filling your EGO-C tank
Remove the rubber seal cap from an empty tank but do so with care as
damage to the seal cap can lead to leaks. Fill the empty tank with the E-juice of
your choice being careful to not overfill, ensure you leave enough room for the
rubber seal cap to be replaced. Replace the rubber seal cap, to get the best
seal when replacing the rubber seal cap make sure the cap and tank are dry
and free from dirt. Push (do not twist) your freshly filled tank firmly onto the
atomiser (push as far in as it can go, you should hear a click as the pin in the
atomiser pierces the rubber seal cap). Take a couple of dry puffs before
attaching to your battery to ensure E-juice has been pulled through and the
wick is wet before use (you should see air bubbles rising as air replaces the
drawn out e-juice which is a good indicator that it is wicking properly). If you
have trouble getting the tank to pierce when being inserted into the atomiser
use a needle /pin to pierce the seal yourself to start it off this should make it
easier for the atomiser pin to go through. Screw the newly assembled tank and
atomiser onto your battery (ensure the contacts are dry and free from dirt)
and you are ready to vape
Using your EGO-C electronic cigarette
Now you have completed the above you have a fully charged and filled you are
ready to use EGO-C electronic cigarette. The button on the battery is used to
fire the unit which will in turn power the EGO-C atomiser and heats up the
heating coil which then heats the E-juice to produce the vapour “give it a try

now”. The power button has a safety feature which enables you to completely
turn the battery off so when you are not using the EGO-C e-cig it can’t be
accidentally fired. To turn the battery off you simply click the button 5 times in
quick succession and repeat to turn it back on. Do not over puff on the unit as
this overheats the unit which leads to melting the seals so please try (as hard
as it is to put down) letting your new kit rest in between puffs. When the
battery needs to be recharged the light on the battery of the EGO-C will flash
every time you attempt to use it and will not fire so recharge following the
above instructions. As you are using the EGO-C occasionally tilt it back and
forth to ensure the E-juice is being soaked into the wicking material this will
stop you possibly using the unit dry and will stop you possibly burning the wick.
When you E-juice level starts to get low and you want to refill always remove
the atomizer and tank from the battery and repeat the filling instructions
above to avoid accidentally flooding your battery. Always keep external parts
and screw threads on both the battery and atomizer clean, dry and free from
Cleaning the EGO-C
To clean out your EGO-C unscrew the atomizer and tank assembly from the
battery and empty any excess E-juice, run hot water into the tank and shake
and empty repeatedly until you are satisfied that the tank is suitably clean. To
clean the atomizer assembly unscrew the base from the body, remove the
atomizer and run all 3 components under hot water (never attempt to clean
the tank and atomizer whilst attached to the battery). Shake out any excess
water and make sure the unit is dry before re-using. A common problem after
cleaning is that the unit has not been dried completely and may appear to no
longer produce vapors, this is because the wicking material is still wet and has
absorbed water which will have to be replaced with E-juice as water does not
Produce vapors, taking a few vapors once filled with E-juice will normally take
Care of this as the water is evaporated and E-juice has absorbed back into the
wicking material.

If there is anything you need/want to know about the EGO-C that has not
been covered in this guide feel free to contact us and we will be glad to
answer any questions and/or provide the help you need

Many people use e-cig’s as a gateway to stop smoking cigarettes and with great success. But many also use them because many places it is not permitted to smoke tobacco cigarettes where it is no problem to smoke e-cig’s.

Starter kit’s Starter Kit comes with all you need to start using an ego-C.

2 x ego-C Aromizer Base
2 x ego-C Aromizer Inserts
2 x ego-C Aromizer Cone Covers
2 x ego-C Batteries
2 x ego-C Empty Tanks
2 x USB Wall Adapter plug
1 x Carrying Pouch
1 x Instructions Manual
1 x Starter Kit Box

Electronic Cigarette Batteries
An electronic cigarette is included of a battery, atomizer and a flavor cartridge.
The battery is positioned inside the body of the ego-C component and that is what powers the atomizer. Ego-C Twist comes with a variable voltage adjustment so you can influence the power to the atomizer which turn liquid into vapor. have a 30 days money back guarantee, If you do not want your buy simply send it back in original packing and we will give you a full refund minus shipping.

Earlier this year came out with the new eGo-C, the most advanced electronic cigarettenow available on the market.  It has quickly become a great seller.  So, what’s so good about the new eGo-C?  Is it just an updated version of the venerable eGo-T?  Is it something better?  Will it save you even more money?  Is it a better than the rest?


JoyeTech eGo brand has been the staple of electric cigarettes.The brand has been rebranded and sold under various names by varied collections of retailers.  Sold all over the world, eGo is the number 1 brand in the world.


eGo-C shares some similarity with the eGo-T.  It has similar dimensions, a tank mouth piece that holds approximately 1 ml of e-liquid, and uses regular eGo batteries with the 510/eGo connection.  The tank-mouth piece is the same design, clear with a flat, whistle-like tip and can be used with the eGo-T.  The similarity appears to end there.


I purchased the new, most advanced e cigarette for this testing from  smokeystick (  They had the lowest price that was found on the internet and was purchased during a sales event which saved even more money.  The kit came with the following:

  • (2) 650mAh eGo batteries
  • (2) cone and atomizer holders (pre-assembled)
  • (5) atomizer heads
  • (5) tank cartridges
  • (3) replacement cartridge caps
  • (3) silicone tip covers
  • (1) AC adapter
  • (1) USB adapter
  • Manual
  • Carry pouch


Revolutionary Atomizer Design


The heart of the revolutionary design is the new two piece atomizer design and the integrated cone.  The new evolution of the eGo-T has an atomizer that consists of two parts, the atomizer head and atomizer body.  This gives the user of the e smoke the ability to change just the atomizer head, thus saving the consumer even more money over cigarettes.


Disassembly of the eGo-C’s atomizer was slightly difficult due the base and atomizer being screwed in tight from the factory.  Once off, replacement and reassembly of the atomizer, atomizer body and cone was a breeze.  The atomizer head features the new vertical atomizer.  It is basically a vertical, hollow, angle-cut steel post with a wick through the post, similar to the second-generation atomizers.  If you are still using the nickel-net or steel mesh types of atomizers, you need to definitely upgrade your electronic smoking device.


Does this mean that the atomizer needs to be replaced more often or not as durable as the old standards?  It doesn’t appear to be the case with the new eGo-C.  During testing of the eGo-C by the author, the electronic cigarettefrom Joyetech works as well as the eGo-T.



Although doesn’t give off as much vapor as the dual-coiled atomizer, this is a slight upgrade from the eGo-T in respect to amount of vapor and throat-hit per drag.  The set-up works pleasantly well.  The unit was tested with repeated, quick, successive vaping without any noticeable decrease in amount of vapor or the atomizer drying out.

Battery life for the eGo-C is typical of most eGo 650 mAh battery.  Doesn’t appear to use more power than the eGo-T and lasts a quite a long time.  As with previous eGo models, this unit also comes with the battery shut-off mode.  The mode allows the user to switch the battery off so it does not accidentally turn on in your purse or pocket.  5 quick and successive clicks of the manual battery button turns it on and off.  The battery is not of a pass-thru design but rather the old fashion 510 screw-in connection to the charging cable.


The kit also came with a functional, basic pouch to carry your eGo-C around.



The eGo-C is a great step in the right direction, saving the consumer money and going green by reducing what needs to be replaced.  Sort of like getting a new engine when you only need to replace the spark plugs.  In this case, you just replace the small atomizer head instead of the entire assembly which is the case with eGo-T.  Generally, the new,advanced eGo-C was an improvement over the eGo-T.  Like other EGO products, eGo-C parts are backwards compatible with eGo atomizers, cartridges and accessories. So you can use your eGo-T atomizers with eGo-C’s and vice a versa.


Did not experience any leakage during the testing but not counting on it.  Minor condensation of the e-liquid in the mouth piece was observed during testing but did not detract from the use of the electronic cigarette.


Overall, the eGo-C out performs the eGo-T in terms for cost-of-ownership and vaping experience.



  • Saves money when replacing atomizers
  • No leakage
  • Great design
  • Easily replaceable atomizer heads
  • Quality construction



  • No pass-thru charger
  • Needs to be of a lower resistance
  • Needs dual coils


You can purchase eGo products featured here from.  The tested model was purchased at due to the site’s everyday low discounted prices on electronic cigarettes and excellent customer service.